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These ‘Coastal Cowgirl’ Baby Names Are a Little Bit Yee-Haw, a Little Bit Yacht Club

Move over, coastal grandmother baby names — there’s a new viral aesthetic trend, and this (virtual) town ain’t big enough for the both of ’em. We’re talking about coastal cowgirl baby names: the same beachy-with-a-touch-of-preppy aesthetic as coastal grandmother, but with a rugged, fun-loving twist.

When you think of the coastal cowgirl aesthetic overall, it helps to get a visual via fashion. Think lightweight cowboy hats in woven straw instead of sturdy leather Stetsons. Think a ruffled dress, but made of denim (or a breezy linen dress and cowboy boots). Think homespun crochet maxi skirts and tank tops.

Once again — as viral aesthetics tend to do, whether it’s coastal grandmother, dark academia, or neo-cowboy — coastal cowgirl has crossed into other areas as well, such as home decor. And, of course, baby names!

Coastal cowgirl baby names have a breezy, preppy vibe, but with a bit of a sassy side; polished, yet still a smidge rough around the edges. Equal parts refined and playful, elite yet accessible, these coastal cowgirl baby names can fit in as easily at the yacht club as they can galloping, bareback and full-speed, through the sand and ocean spray. There’s an unmistakably cool element to any bearer of these names — you want to get to know her, but also, you don’t wanna get on her bad side.

If you’re looking to encompass this viral vibe with your future feisty feminista, look no further than this perfectly-curated list of coastal cowgirl baby names we love.



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