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Priyanka Chopra Shares the Cool Way Daughter Malti Is Just Like Her Mama & Dad Nick Jonas — & We’re Officially Jealous

As Priyanka Chopra Jonas travels around the world to promote her new tv series Citadel — in a glamorous red dress! — she is reflecting on the way she has been traveling since she was a baby. And now, she and husband Nick Jonas are carrying on that tradition with 14-month-old daughter Malti Marie.

“She’s a little traveler,” Chopra Jonas told Entertainment Tonight yesterday. “But my parents raised me like that, and so was my husband.”

She explained that she “started traveling when I was very young, when I was, like, four or five months.”

“So it’s the same thing for her, right now,” Chopra Jonas continued. “She’s not in school, so we can schlep her wherever we want. I love spending time with her so it’s so cool.”

Can you imagine being Malti for a second? I mean, she was just seeing her dad’s concert in London and now she gets to celebrate her mom’s new project, and it’s all so glamorous and cool. Having two A-list parents in the prime of their careers and you get to be there with them every step of the way? Yeah, we are super jealous.

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