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Princess Charlotte’s Sassy Facial Expression Is Reminding Fans of This Member of the British Royal Family

A video of Princess Charlotte is making the rounds on TikTok, and fans say her sassy expression is just as recognizable as it is hilarious. Though the video is of King Charles III and Queen Camilla on Christmas 2022, Princess Charlotte silently stole the show while walking behind them.

Her subtle but fierce side-eye is all too reminiscent of Princess Diana, and people are loving it. The 18-second clip — which starts with the footage, zooms in on Charlotte, and then ends with footage of Princess Diana rocking the same unamused look — has millions of views and hundreds of thousands of comments.

Fans are not convinced this is merely a coincidence or a matter of genetics. “Makes me believe in reincarnation,” one person commented. “Me instantly thinking, ‘Diana is back and she’s piiiiiised’ 😂,” another said.

What we wouldn’t give to know what happened to make the almost-8-year-old look that way! People are betting that with her quiet and observant disposition, Princess Charlotte has tabs on everything. “That little girl knows WAY more than they think she does,” one person said and we have to agree.

What we also agree with is the fact that Princess Di is not the only one “that little girl” takes after.

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