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One Redditor’s Bizarre Feelings About Paying Grandparents for Childcare Has the Internet Divided

A grandparent’s role in caring for their grandchild is a frequent point of contention on Reddit. In fact, we’ve seen posts on the subject go viral every six months or so. In Oct. 2021, one woman on the “Am I The A—hole?” subreddit couldn’t believe her retired parents wouldn’t babysit her children after she got a promotion. In April 2022, a grandma who worked full-time refused to babysit her grandchild on her days off and got a whole lot of backlash from her daughter. And in Dec. 2022, a mom just needed a moment to vent about how disheartening it is that neither her parents nor her in-laws will lend a hand. These caretaking conundrums always leave a messy comment section in their wake.

Well, the latest debate on the Parenting subreddit surrounds grandparents who expect to be paid for babysitting. “My parents don’t do this, thankfully,” the woman wrote in her original post. “But it always boggles my mind that this is something that actually happens in some families.”

“How is this a thing??” she asked. “Is it cultural?”

After reading pro-payment comments, the woman edited her post to ask some pointed questions.

“Do these types of grandparents not consider the time spent with their grandchildren valuable and beneficial to them as well as the parents, or do they not actually get any joy or benefit from keeping the grandchildren? It seems to me the time spent babysitting is a mutual favor for the parents and the grandparents. So many grandparents are isolated living alone in nursing homes and never get to see their families. Is there no value gained by grandparents in having time with grandchildren?”

OP is certainly entitled to her opinion — as are the Redditors in the comment section — but the logic she went on to share is downright strange.


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