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This Daughter-in-Law Is Sick of Hosting Her High-Maintenance MIL & Reddit Came Through With the Best Advice

Hosting guests always comes with some level of stress. There’s all the extra cleaning and preparations beforehand, all the energy (and money!) spent making sure the guest is comfortable and happy, and the strange feeling of needing to tip-toe around your own house. One woman joined the Reddit “Am I The A—hole?” thread to talk about her mother-in-law. As soon as we see something about an in-law, our blood pressure rises, so when we saw that this was about hosting a MIL, we started panicking. OP explained that her MIL lives about eight hours away. Now that OP and her husband have a 2-year-old, the MIL insists on staying at OP’s house for a week every two months so she can see her grandkid.

One. Whole. Week. A weekend is exhausting, let alone a whole week!

“The problem is, my husband and I are burnt out of hosting her,” OP wrote. “She doesn’t help out with childcare, housework, etc. only adds to my workload. I don’t want to keep her from her grandchildren, but at the same time, I am tired of hosting a high-maintenance person every two months.”

OP is having a baby in about a month, and her MIL expects to stay with the soon-to-be family of four once they come home from the hospital. Yup, not only would OP have to welcome a newborn into her home, but her MIL as well — who is notoriously unhelpful. And so, she asks, is she an a-hole for telling her MIL she can stay a few times a year, but not every two months?

Honestly, we feel so bad she has to ask.

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