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These Celebrity Dads Have the Sweetest Bonds With Their Daughters

Dads and their daughters — there’s something truly special about the bond that links a father and his little girl, and these celebrity dads are perfect examples of the fierce unconditional love every father should have for their daughter(s).

Although the hallmarks of a bonafide girl dad usually involve the occasional painted nails and impromptu tea party, daddy-daughter bonds go far beyond frills and girly thrills. For dads like John Legend, their daughters are truly their best friends. The EGOT-winning musician said during a 2020 radio interview, “I have so much fun hanging out with her. … [Luna is] so funny and smart and she’s just got good verbal skills — she’s just fun to be around.”

Fellow singer Lionel Richie is equally impressed by his eldest daughter, Nicole Richie. During a 2020 episode of HuffPost‘s “Talk to Me” series, the “Hello” crooner told The Simple Life alum, “I think you … changed my life a great deal in terms of softening my heart, because everything up to that point was about songwriting and the business and touring.” He explained, “All of a sudden I found something that I could actually fall in love with that was never going to leave me. How about that?”

For a closer look at celeb papas and their sweet bonds with their daughters, read on. Make sure you have a tissue in hand because some of these duos are guaranteed to make you shed a happy tear or two — they’re genuinely that touching.

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