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Brittany Mahomes Talks Mom Guilt, Her Favorite Products, & The Tattoo She Has in Honor of Sterling & Bronze

Brittany Mahomes’ Instagram Stories are often filled with adorable photos and videos of her kids. Sterling, 2 is usually showing off her fashion sense or loving on her baby brother Bronze, 5 months. But on Sunday, Mahomes turned her camera away from the day-to-day antics of her children and toward her own experiences. She did a Q&A with fans and opened up about her relationship with her high school sweetheart, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, the fact that some NFL wives aren’t so friendly (We need more deets, Britt!), her financial views, her mental health, and more.

She also got honest and intimate when talking about her experience with mom guilt, her relationship with her postpartum body, the tattoo she got for Sterling and Bronze, and how she prepared her fur babies for the arrival of her human babies. She even shared some of her favorite products that she buys for her kiddos and herself, and now we are filling up our shopping cart.

So while we normally head to Brittany’s page to see what she or Sterling are repping on the outside (they are seriously so fashionable), it was such a treat to follow along on this Q&A and see what is going on inside her mind and within her family.

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