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Every Single Time Kate Middleton & Princess Charlotte Coordinated Their Colorful Looks

It’s no secret that Kate Middleton is a modern-day style icon, forever wowing fans and onlookers alike with her colorful attire. But she’s not the only one! No, we’re not talking about the late Queen Elizabeth II or Princess Diana; we’re talking about Kate and Prince William’s daughter Princess Charlotte.

At only nine years old, Charlotte has taken so much after her mother: her poise, her way of calming down her brothers, and of course, her colorful style! Every time Charlotte comes out to an outing with her mama, they look so stylish and sweet together, and over time, fans have noticed a pattern!

While a lot of mothers and their mini-mes typically match their entire outfit, Kate and Charlotte do things a bit more subtly. Either they rock the same color, but not the same shade, or if Charlotte rocks a certain color, Kate implements it in her accessories. It’s such a smart and chic way to coordinate, and they seem to be experts at it.

Ever since Charlotte started going out more and more with her parents to royal events, fans have noticed how she and her mom love to show off that they’re one of the most stylish mother-daughter duos in the British royal family. And most recently, their 2023 Easter looks made headlines for being the most identical looks we’ve seen from them yet!

Check out every single time Kate and Charlotte coordinated in super colorful looks over the years below:

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