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These ‘Dark Academia’ Baby Names Are Just the Right Blend of Broody & Intellectual

Think crisply-starched, pressed, and pleated school uniforms, tweed and argyle, and the smell of old books. Think marble columns, polished mahogany, and crimson velvet drapes. Think students carrying textbooks in leather satchels and discussing brooding, intellectual poetry and classic Greek literature. If these images conjure up an elite private school rich with history and tradition, infused with a dose of mystery and lore — think Hogwarts or Wednesday Addams’ Nevermore Academy — you’ve nailed the “dark academia” aesthetic.

As with any popular aesthetic vibe (coastal grandmother, anyone?), the dark academia trend can encompass nearly everything — from decor to clothing style to, yes, even baby names. And with maximalist baby names quickly rising in popularity this year, dark academia baby names have that trend nailed down too; many of them are long and sophisticated-sounding, maximalist names in their own right. So while they may well be names you might have heard hundreds of years ago, they’ve been invigorated with a new energy that fits right in with today’s baby naming landscape.

These dark academia baby names are beautiful-but-broody, elegant and edgy, and have just the right amount of “bite” for the future coolest kid in school.


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