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19 Stunning Maternity Photos That Capture the Beauty, Excitement, & Power of Pregnancy

Whether it’s your first child or your fourth, maternity photos are a stunning way to capture an incredibly fleeting moment of motherhood and life as a whole.

Pregnancy is an extraordinarily unique and remarkable period, full of wonder, anticipation, and change. It’s only nine months of a decades-long life, so many mamas choose to document the ephemeral time by posing with their bumps bared for a maternity photoshoot. The result is usually a breathtaking collection of moments in time that families cherish for the rest of their lives.

Kahla Wickham, Melbourne-based maternity, newborn, and family photographer of KW Image, shares, “With a growing family of my own, I have always enjoyed capturing the pure love and happiness that is felt at any given moment. Photographs are the universal language of any era, speaking to the heart and drawing our attention to the fleeting nostalgic moments of the past and present.”

Newcastle-based maternity, newborn, and family photographer Jess Newell of Jess Newell Photography explained where her passion for capturing expecting mamas stems from, sharing, “No matter what season you are in, my desire is to document your story. To show you your life, your legacy, by someone who really sees you and wants to capture the true connection and emotion of the love you feel.”

Scroll on for a selection of stunning maternity photos shot by photographers around the world.

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