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24 Glowing & Glamorous Golden Baby Names

With a bright, luxurious feel, golden baby names are poised to be super-popular this year. Whether the name itself means gold or golden, or just invokes an opulent vibe, more and more parents are opting to give their babies these gilded monikers. And for good reason: gold is precious, just like our little ones. It’s the stuff of wedding rings that symbolize eternal love, and religious artifacts that symbolize the most revered deities, its presence a clear sign of wealth and luxury. Gold is strong; one of the most durable metals, it is impervious to rust, tarnish, and oxidation. With all these wonderful attributes, what’s not to love about choosing a golden baby name for the most valuable thing in your life?

The names we’ve picked here are definitely not names you’ll meet coming and going — there won’t be three other Zehavas or Orianas in your daughter’s kindergarten class. They’re unique, special, and giving high-end extravagance. From ultra-feminine to gender-neutral to strong and masculine, these golden baby names encompass all types of aesthetic. Like the element that inspired them, they’re glowing and glittery, but also strong and timeless.

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