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Celeb Moms Who Have Shared Their Experiences With Postpartum Anxiety

You hear about postpartum depression (PPD) all the time these days — thank goodness, as the condition was long ignored until gaining the attention it deserves in more recent years — but the conversation doesn’t extend much to cover an equally debilitating condition moms can also experience after giving birth: postpartum anxiety (PPA).

Cleveland Clinic defines PPA as “all-consuming” anxious feelings that are “often out of control and take over your thoughts,” which cause “irrational fears or excessive worries about events that are unlikely to happen.” The organization specifies that although the two conditions share many of the same symptoms, PPD and PPA are different disorders that can occur simultaneously.

According to Postpartum Support International, approximately 10% of women develop PPA, and while that percentage seems small, droves of women have come forward about experiencing severe anxiety after having a baby — including some of your favorite celebrities.

Dancing with the Stars pro Sharna Burgess has been extremely outspoken about PPA and intrusive thoughts since welcoming her son Zane in June 2022. In addition to sharing her experience on her Instagram, the Australian dancer also spoke to Good Morning America in December 2022 about how PPA affected her.

“I was doing great with postpartum and I definitely couldn’t say that I was struggling with postpartum depression, but I certainly struggled with those intrusive mom thoughts,” Burgess explained. “I had imagined the absolute worst-case scenario. And I felt myself having this panic attack, which I’ve never had a panic attack before,” she revealed.

Read on for more personal testimonies from famous women about experiencing and overcoming PPA — and remember that you’re not alone if you’re struggling with the condition, too.

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