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6 Wicked Reddit Step-Parent Stories That Make Cinderella’s Seem Tame

There’s no doubt that Cinderella had it bad with her evil stepmother and nitwit stepsisters, but these real-life Reddit horror stories about wicked step-parents and inconsiderate step-siblings make the Disney princess’s familial woes look like child’s play.

You can find just about any type of horrible person on Reddit in the infamous “Am I The A—hole” forum, and there’s no shortage of awful stepmothers and terrible stepfathers on the platform. Take, for example, the stepdad who routinely allows his children to steal his diabetic stepson’s snacks out of his lunchbox — potentially life-saving snacks he needs in case of a hypoglycemic episode — then calls the boy “self-centered and anti-social” when read the riot act by his wife.

Or the stepmom who calls her stepdaughter a “b*tch” for not using the financial inheritance left to her by her deceased mother to fund her stepsisters’ college educations — you really can’t make this sh*t up. And then there’s the stepdad who works from home and asks his stepdaughter to stop studying to clean up after him rather than just putting on his big boy pants and picking up after himself like a normal person. Who else smells the pungent scent of misogyny wafting through the air?

From the totally audacious to the downright despicable, we’ve rounded up some of the most horrifying Reddit posts about step-parents who get it all wrong and don’t feel an ounce of shame in the process. Read on for your daily dose of Horrible Strangers on the Internet: Step-Parent Edition.

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