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15 Fabulous Teen Romance Books That’ll Make You Laugh, Cry, & Swoon

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The best teen romance books are the kind that young adults can immerse themselves in — the kind that are hard to put down, the ones that stay with them long after they close the cover. By reading age-appropriate books, teens can explore different lifestyles and cultures through the lens of characters who, despite differences, is an awful lot like them and grappling with many of the same life changes and issues. It allows them to safely explore themes that might be happening in their own lives — and how the characters in the novels are handling them — without ever having to breathe a word to anyone about it.

We’ve put together this list of some of the best teen romance books out there today: picks from top editors and educators, award-winning novels with beautiful and diverse stories of modern teenage dating and love. But these aren’t their parents’ dusty old love stories (with the exception of Judy Blume’s Forever, which — like all Judy Blume novels — is a timeless classic). These are fresh new takes on the classic romantic tale, with perspectives from teens of all walks of life, ethnicities, and sexuality.

Pick up a stack of these books today and let your teen dig into some juicy reads that will make a lasting impression.

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