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These Celebrity Parents Have Hilarious & Relatable Stories About Kids & Curse Words


Language is super abstract, and it’s just another convoluted concept parents — famous and non-famous alike — have to explain to their children. While some are vehemently against allowing their kids to use curse words, others are a bit more lax about their children letting a “bad” word fly every now and then — or whenever they choose.

There’s a heated debate about what exactly makes a “bad” word so bad, and where precisely the line is drawn. We all know “f—k” and “sh*t” are atop the list of naughty words, but take, for example, the words stupid, dumb, and crap. Some parents are okay with their kids using these words, some parents are okay with a few but not all of these words, and some are against every single one. So how do you make a hard rule for your kids when that same rule may not apply to other kids they know?

In most households, the understanding is that kids don’t curse — ever. In some families, exceptions are made for cursing, like when a toe gets stubbed and all little Jimmy wants to do to relieve his pain is yell “F—k!” (That’s valid, Jimmy.) And in some households, kids are allowed to let colorful language fly to their heart’s content with an understanding that bad words are not to leave their mouths in such a loose fashion at school or in other public settings. It’s a spectrum, if you will, and every parent has the agency to decide where their kids will be planted on said curse word spectrum.

From potty mouth extraordinaire Gordon Ramsay to beloved child star Hilary Duff, navigating “bad” words with their children has been just as much a challenge — and a laugh — as it is for every other parent. For some hilarious tales of celebs catching their kids cussing, and insight into the rules some of your favorite celebrity parents choose to apply to their kids in terms of swear words, read on. We think you’ll be quite surprised by some of their stances, and we know for certain you’ll get a good giggle out of some of the anecdotes to follow. Kids say the darndest things!

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