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These Maximalist Girl Names Are Unapologetically ‘Extra’

Short-and-sweet girl names like Ava and Mia may hold regular spots in the U.S.’s top 10 most popular baby names — and there will always be a place for their beautiful simplicity. But baby naming experts predict that this year, maximalist names are the vibe: a lot of letters, a lot of flourish and flair, and a lot of impact. These maximalist baby names are long, glamorous, and evoke just the right amount of dramatic appeal.

Perhaps the most beautiful thing of all about these maximalist baby names, though, is their versatility. If your little Andromeda or Valencia gets a little older and develops a personality that doesn’t quite fit the elegant feel of her name, it can always be shortened to Andi or Val or Leni — and this is the case with almost all the maximalist names we’ve listed here. They are gorgeous as-is, but have the option of being whittled down into a super-cute nickname as well, which makes them extremely adaptable.

We’ve put together a gallery of some of the most elegant and “extra” maximalist girl names we could find, so read on for our top picks and prepare to be inspired.

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