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10 Reddit Dads That Are Such Garbage We’d Like to Throw the Whole Man Away

There are plenty of attentive, wonderful, supportive dads out there, and we absolutely love to see it. But there are also an unbelievable amount of men who seem to be actively trying to be the most garbage fathers possible, and Reddit is a hotbed for just the type.

From dads who neglect their infants to play video games to men who create “rules” for their stay-at-home wives, the following fathers are giving “scum of the earth,” and Reddit wholeheartedly agrees. Incensed mothers and wives have taken to the platform’s “Am I The A—hole” thread to share their woes, along with a few confused dads who just can’t seem to figure out that, yes, they are the a—hole in their situation.

While we all love a juicy AITA post, the following stories are positively jaw-dropping in the most unbelievably infuriating way possible. One dad even takes frequent leisure trips by himself while his wife takes care of their three kids at home, and he has the audacity to tell her she needs to tighten the purse strings on her spending as if he isn’t the one traveling the world like he’s a bachelor. That’s just a cute little sneak peek of what’s to come, so brew yourself a tall mug of calming tea (trust us, you’re gonna need it) and buckle up, because these dads are seriously sending us.

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