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12 Bold moms who turned their baby bumps into amazing artwork

No one can deny it — we all love baby bumps. Sure, we also love discussing baby names and obsessing over the latest sassy-baby Youtube video, but for most of us, it’s all about the bump. That growing, omnipresent bump. 

Ladies, that basketball on the front of you is going to be around for a while, so why not do it up with a little decor? Yes, we’re talking baby bump painting — perfect for your maternity photo shoot, Halloween or just because you deserve to have some fun with that bump, darnit! 

While parenthood can be extremely challenging, it has some of the greatest perks out there. The best way to make parenting work for all involved is to embrace its beauty with an unshakable sense of humor. The mothers we collected here are doing just that: They are exploring their pregnancy and changing bodies through artwork and self-expression with some incredible baby bump paintings. Don’t miss these inspiring new ways of appreciating the miracle of life.

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