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The Worst Mother-in-Law Horror Stories from Reddit’s AITA

Struggling with your mother-in-law and want to feel a lot less alone? We tracked down some of the worst MIL stories on Reddit’s AITA forum, which are guaranteed to make you cringe and bury your head in your hands immediately. Sons- and daughters-in-law have taken to the community board over the years to share their gripes and find out who was in the wrong. Reddit always comes through with a verdict, and it’s safe to say that the results were unanimous when it comes to the stories you’ll read below.

Situations run an awkward, thorny gamut. Like the MIL who insisted that she be the first to hold her grandchild even though she was literally out of town for the birth (um, what?!). Or the MIL who took it upon herself to share her son and daughter-in-law’s pregnancy announcement on Facebook … under their names (yikes). Sit back and prepare to feel a mix of rage, bafflement and heightened blood pressure — and, hopefully, a new outlook on your own mother-in-law situation!

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