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8 Celebrities on the Joys & Challenges of Being Older Parents

There are so many advantages that come along with becoming a parent at an older age. Infinitely more patience, a stronger sense of self, and a fuller understanding of the world, to name just a few.

We zeroed in on some celebrities who have become parents in their 40s and beyond to find out what their experiences have been like. From Cameron Diaz to Eva Longoria, these public figures have opened up about the unique joys and challenges that come along with having a child later in life. Hoda Kotb discussed some of the scary mental math she has to do. Diaz really doesn’t mind being the oldest mom in her friend group. And Laura Linney has found herself completely changed in so many wonderful, surprising ways.

Plus, George Clooney is learning the ins and outs of parenting in his 60s and it’s been an exciting ride. “Now my house is filled with the warm sounds of babies crying,” he told The Hollywood Reporter in 2017. “You should see when my friends show up and see me change a diaper, the laughter that comes from them. I go, ‘I know, I know.’ I’ve given them so much s–t for so many years, I deserve every bit of it.”

Read on for some of our favorite quotes from some of our favorite celebrities on being older parents.

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