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Exclusive: 12 Celebrity Moms Reveal the Best Way Motherhood Has Changed Them

Celebrities may lead a slightly (or vastly!) different lifestyle than the average person, but one experience unites us: motherhood. Moms are still moms, no matter what they do for a living, and motherhood changes each of us in immeasurable ways. It brings out qualities we never knew we had, and skills we never knew we needed.

When we bring a life into the world, suddenly something shifts. It’s no longer completely about us. There are actual humans relying on us now, for everything — not only the day-to-day minutiae, but the lofty task of shaping them into caring and responsible adults. Regardless of who we are, motherhood makes us keenly aware that we’ve been tasked with something bigger than ourselves.

SheKnows spoke to 12 celebrity moms about the best ways that motherhood has changed them, and their thoughtful answers did not disappoint. From becoming more focused and present, to changing priorities and perspectives, to finding humility and patience they didn’t know existed within themselves, these famous moms are totally relatable as they talk about the amazing metamorphosis from woman to mom.

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