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Celebrity Moms Who Refused to Get on the ‘Lose the Baby Weight’ Train


The pressure society puts on women to lose the weight they gain during pregnancy is overwhelming, stressful, and frankly insane. There’s this unrealistic narrative that women should “bounce back” to their pre-baby bodies without any appreciation for the incredible task that their pregnant and post-baby bodies have performed.

Growing a whole human and either pushing it out of a minuscule canal or having your guts exposed to bring them into the world… It’s so insane, and there’s just not enough appreciation for how wildly amazing — and physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing — pregnancy and birth are. You know the patriarchy, gotta keep women looking slim, trim, and properly primped. Oh, and don’t do anything to make them think they’re, like, capable or strong or anything of that nature.

If your eyes rolled so far back into your head at that statement that you weren’t sure if they’d ever return to a front-facing position, you’re not at all alone. Thankfully, it’s becoming increasingly accepted for women to take their time recovering from giving birth, settling into life with a new baby, and gradually coaxing their bodies toward a figure more similar to their “pre-baby” bodies — because let’s be honest, having a baby is a life-changing occurrence, and our bodies are forever changed by the phenomenon. There’s really no such thing as “getting back” your pre-baby body, because it’s no longer pre-baby — and that’s nothing to be shamed or criticized for!

From Serena Williams and Anne Hathaway to Ashley Graham and Chrissy Teigen, these celebrity moms totally agree that the “lose the baby weight” train is a bunch of bullsh*t. Read on for their thoughts, and thoughts from other famous mamas, about their bodies and losing weight after having a baby.

A version of this article was originally published in April 2022.

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