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Celebrities Who Gave Their Babies Animal Names

Animal names for babies are a trend that’s been catching on like wildfire for the last few years — and it doesn’t look like that trend is going anywhere soon. Especially since it seems to be one that’s loved by celebs, who are naming their A-list offspring animal baby names that pay homage to our fur- and feather-covered friends. Bear! Wolf! Birdie!

If you think about it, it’s easy to understand why people love animal names for babies. First of all, everyone has a strong mental association when we hear an animal name; Wren is delicate and cheery, Otter is playful and resourceful, Wolf is the strong, tough leader of the pack.

Secondly, they have the distinct advantage of being unique names that are also easy to spell and pronounce, which can be rare. Many unique names are super cool, but doom the bearer to a lifetime of correcting people (looking at you, Joaquin and Saoirse). Animal baby names are not mainstream enough that your kid will have a Bear in every class, but they’re also widely recognizable enough that most people (English speakers, anyway) will have no trouble saying or spelling them. Truly the baby naming sweet spot!

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