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How These Celeb Parents Spent Their First Date Night After Welcoming a Baby

As a parent, date night is a huge deal — even if you can reorganize your schedule and afford a babysitter, spending time away from your kids can be both fraught and freeing. And venturing out as a first-time parent can stir even more mixed feelings if you’re anxious about being away from the baby or generally disinterested in romance at the moment. 

When you’re ready for a breather from the challenges of baby care, know that quality time with your partner is important for the health of your relationship. According to a study by The National Marriage Project, a research initiative located at the University of Virginia, the benefits of date night for couples are better communication without the distraction of children, novelty which renews passion, and higher expectations of commitment. 

But parents aren’t always prioritizing romance. A 10-year study conducted in the U.K. found that among nearly 10,000 couples with a young child, only 11 percent enjoyed date night once a week or more, 30 percent went out once a month, and 23 percent did so less than once a month. And 36 percent “hardly ever” or “never” went on dates.

We’re the first to admit that planning a date night isn’t always possible (life is busy, we’re still in a pandemic, and childcare is hardly affordable) but dinner or drinks aren’t the only opportunities to bond with your mate. Exchanging compliments, kissing, or holding a little space for kid-free topics are low-effort ways to connect.    

And Hollywood parents know the drill! The following celebrities also eased into date night with low-key dinners, a comedy club, or just hung out at home while leaving Grandma to babysit.

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