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Hollywood’s Most Permissive Parents

Some celebrity parents are extremely strict and known for limiting technology or focusing on disciplining their kids. But others choose a more laid-back approach to parenting. It’s not that they necessarily spoil their children with expensive gifts and lavish vacations. It’s more that give their kids the freedom to find their own paths in life.

Teaching your kids independence and confidence in making their own decisions isn’t a bad thing. According to the Child Mind Institute, “opportunities to develop independence are immensely important for building a sense of self and self-esteem — not to mention frustration tolerance and perseverance!”

Many celebrity parents have decided to take a more permissive approach when it comes to their kids, choosing to focus on cultivating their free spirits. For example, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith give their kids “the freedom to be who they are.” And Alanis Morrisette believes in “unschooling” her kids and in attachment parenting (as does Kourtney Kardashian!).

Many other parents, from Tia Mowry to Tori Spelling, co-sleep with their kids as a way to form a closer bond. Others, like Kristen Bell, have spoken up about breastfeeding until their baby was done instead of implementing a strict end date.

This type of parenting may be different than what you’re used to, but it seems to be working out well for these Hollywood parents! Read more about their laid-back ways below.

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