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Celebrity Parents Raising Bilingual Kids

Like us, celebrity parents are all about nurturing their children’s development and skills however they can. For some, that includes ensuring their kids can speak another language fluently.

Of course, famous or not, raising a bilingual child doesn’t happen overnight. It requires exposing your child repeatedly to the new language, according to the Linguistic Society of America. And there are all sorts of strategies to do just that. Some parents swear by not allowing their kids to speak English at home, while others also enroll their kids in language courses or stock the family library with child-friendly books written in the other language.

The effort can be worth it, as there are plenty of benefits to being bilingual. It can help boost empathy, reading skills and the ability to multitask, to name just a few. 

And then there are the more personal reasons a celebrity parent may want their kids to master another language. Eva Mendes, for example, teaches her kids Spanish as a way to maintain a link to her family’s Cuban roots, while Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey make sure their three children can speak Portuguese so they’re able to communicate with her family in Brazil. 

No matter what language their children are learning—or how they’re going about teaching it—we love seeing the way celebrity parents are broadening their kids’ horizons. Check out the famous moms and dads who are raising bilingual kids below.

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