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Celebrities Who Hid Their Pregnancies While Filming TV Shows & Movies

Busy working moms often live by the mantra, “The show must go on.” And in Hollywood, it’s no different, even when you’re in front of the camera.  

If the stars were to align properly, a pregnant celebrity would play an expecting character, but that’s rarely the case — especially with storylines that exclude the possibility of a pregnancy. Just ask Courteney Cox, whose beloved Friends character Monica Geller struggled with infertility shortly before the actress became pregnant with her daughter Coco while married to her (now ex) husband David Arquette. 

Over time, film and television sets have learned very creative workarounds to hide celebrity baby bumps — when Mandy Moore was pregnant with her son, August ‘Gus’ Harrison while filming season five of her hit TV show This is Us, the production schedule was moved up to film certain scenes before her pregnancy became too obvious. And in 2002, while filming season five of Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker was expecting her first child with husband Matthew Broderick, a happy event that didn’t quite jive with the child-free ambitions of her character Carrie Bradshaw. So Parker covered up with looser-fitting designer clothing, carried bigger handbags, and the entire season was cut short by a few episodes. 

These working mamas aren’t the only ones who pulled off a covert pregnancy so fans wouldn’t be confused by their burgeoning bumps. Read on for the artistic ways Hollywood has hid other celebrity pregnancies from the public eye while filming television and movies. It truly takes a village! 

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