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Celebrity Parents Who Once Swore They’d ‘Never’ Have Kids

Choosing to become a parent is not for the faint of heart and the experience isn’t for everyone. While some people are happy child-free, others become more open to the idea of parenthood with time, maturity, or life circumstances. These famous figures found themselves in the latter scenario, long after doubting they would be suited for parenthood or swearing that they would never procreate. 

We’re talking about ex-bachelor George Clooney who never imagined himself happily married with kids (twins!) until he met his wife Amal. Before welcoming his son Eric in 214, American Idol judge Simon Cowell had previously remarked, “I’d go nuts” if he had to deal with overly energetic children, and New Girl star Zooey Deschanel, now a mother-of-two, once declared that having kids was “never an ambition.” 

Well, times have changed for these Hollywood stars. It’s true that more people these days have decided to not have any (or any more) children, according to November data from the Pew Research Center (many claim climate, financial, and medical concerns are reasons). However, a handful of celebrities surprised themselves with the realization that they were, in fact, destined to be parents. Some wanted to find the right partner before welcoming kids (and who can blame Eva Mendes for that?) while a few feared the life-long commitment of children or didn’t feel any sort of parental instinct.

Now moms and dads, these celebrities are the best version of themselves and we are enjoying watching them (and their adorable children) from afar. Read to learn why these celebrities are grateful they changed their minds about becoming parents. 


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