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Celebrity Parents Who Admit to Embarrassing Their Children

Feeling embarrassed by your parents is a universal childhood experience. Who among us hasn’t been left red-faced by a dorky parent, or, for that matter, been one yourself? Making your kids blush — or roll their eyes dramatically — is practically a rite of passage for parents, and celebrities are no exception. 

And although it might be hard for us to imagine being ashamed of A-listers such as David Beckham, Kelly Ripa, Reese Witherspoon, and Gwyneth Paltrow, they have all shared stories
about making their children cringe.


It’s reassuring to know that embarrassing your kids is totally normal and oftentimes unavoidable. According to Psychology Today, during adolescence, as opposed to the earlier years of childhood, a child is forming an identity outside of the home and “feels his or her growing independent status is diminished by being seen in the parental presence out in the world.” However, all parents should avoid trivializing their children’s reactionary feelings, as being embarrassed can be uncomfortable and sometimes lead to humiliation and shame.

Fortunately, the celebrity kids in question are accustomed to their so-called embarrassing parents and don’t seem to take these brief moments all too seriously.


Some of these celebrity parenting anecdotes will surprise you (or, at least give you a new appreciation for their children) whether they involve blasting Christmas music, smothering their kids with affection at school drop-off, trying to be hip on TikTok, or showing too much PDA with their partners. Whether intentional or not, these parents have gone from being cool to cringe in a moment’s notice. Read on, then feel better about your own parenting moves. 



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