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Meghan Markle, Jeanne Mai, & More Celebrities Who’ve Welcomed Rainbow Babies

For anyone who suffers any type of pregnancy loss, the next steps of family planning are scary because of the fear of the unknown and the emotions tied to losing a baby. But many celebrities are openly talking about how it impacted them — and how that beautiful next stage of having a rainbow baby overwhelmed them with joy — and sometimes lingering worries.

After having several miscarriages during her marriage to Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman talked about her heart being more fragile after giving birth to her daughter Sunday in 2008, calling it a “painful love” to ELLE magazine. “I look at that little girl and I’m like, ‘Oh, no, what’s going to happen?’ It’s almost like my heart is stretching; I’m feeling all the muscles stretch with emotion,” she explained. “It’s a beautiful love, but there’s a lot of fear and pain for her life.”

In Gabrielle Union’s long journey to becoming a parent, she had to reconcile that she was not going to be able to carry her rainbow baby, telling Today, “It’s OK to bring your child into the world in a way that is not through your body. The world will not consider you a failure. Every route to parenthood is perfect, worthwhile and amazing.”

Learn more about the celebrities, who are sharing their stories on the road to parenthood — some will make you cry. But others confirm that hope and joy is just around the corner once that gorgeous rainbow baby arrives.

A version of this article was previously published in October 2021.

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