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The Best of Emily Blunt’s Funny, Honest, & Heartwarming Quotes About Being a Mom

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are the kind of celebrity parents who have fiercely guarded their children’s privacy and barely share the merest hint of their girls’ existence on social media. But that doesn’t mean they completely deprive their fans of knowing about 7-year-old Hazel and 4-year-old Violet. On this, Emily Blunt’s 38th birthday, we can bring to you some of the funniest and truest quotes the actor has said about motherhood and her kids.

We’re sure Blunt was a great talk-show guest before she became a mom in 2014. But as moms, we’ve been paying a lot more attention to her funny late-night moments when she mocks her daughters’ fluctuating accents or wonders if Hazel might threaten Violet’s wellbeing. Blunt’s magazine profiles may linger on her classic beauty, her impressive range of roles, and her fashion sense. But we’re still more apt to hone in on the times when she talks about the chaos in her family of four and whether the girls favor their dad or their mom. Sure, that’s because it’s the one thing we might possibly have in common with her, but also, it’s because she happens to describe motherhood quite well.

In the pre-pandemic days, I used to hear friends of friends who’d seen Blunt and her girls around our Brooklyn neighborhood — one even took a mommy-and-me music class with her — making me feel all the more like she’s one of us. But then, I’m kind of glad to keep her on a higher pedestal of celebrity motherhood, too. She was Mary Poppins, after all.

Read on for some of our favorite Emily Blunt quotes about being a mom.

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