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The Best Moms to Watch on Netflix to Match Your Current Mood

Netflix is the streaming service that really tries to be all things to all people, but through the years, we’ve come to realize that it is an amazing resource for mothers. It keeps us going through late-night feedings and entertains us on the sly as we sit through sports practices and dance classes. We can use it to comfort-binge teen shows and rom-coms when things are tough. But what we love best of all is how many depictions of so many different types of mothers we can find in the Netflix library.

Even if your finely tuned algorithm has presented you with every single “mom”-themed show Netflix streams — Workin’ Moms, The Letdown, and I’m Sorry are forever intertwined in our feed — you may not be seeing all the moms we think you’ll love. After all, there are maternal characters tucked into so many shows that aren’t necessarily about mothers. There are mothers in movies about teenage girls, mothers in shows about families and superheroes. It’s kind of like how in real life we don’t exist in a vacuum.

The best thing about the fact that more mothers like Mindy Kaling are actually writing, directing, and producing TV shows and movies is that we can see ourselves on the screen in all of our three-dimensional glory — not just as beloved saints or nagging harpies or beleaguered, unpaid maids. We also aren’t always in one single mood, so it’s wonderful that we can see these mothers of Netflix in so many different settings and genres.

What we’ve listed here are the Netflix moms that suit many a different mood, circumstance, idle thought, or obsessive worry that strikes us as women raising children. Scroll through and we think you’ll find the one that will be perfect to watch right now … or maybe after the kids are in bed.

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