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The Best Toys for 6-Year-Olds & Their Social, Creative, Problem-Solving, Competitive Minds

Here’s something people don’t say often enough: Buying toys for a 6-year-old is fun. If you’ve got a child this age, you know that they’re pretty delightful. And we hope you remember being 6, and all the great toys and games you used to enjoy. At the same time we totally understand that it can be difficult deciding which gifts and toys are the best to buy for 6-year-olds, so we’re hoping to provide you with some guidance.

We could make an entire list just by letting our own nostalgia for being 6 guide us. After all, it seems like nostalgia has led toymakers to introduce a whole new generation to the Star Wars, Care Bears, Transformers, My Little Ponies, Barbies and G.I. Joes of our youth.

At the same time, we’d like to think that we can be a little more thoughtful and advanced about selecting toys for our kids. It’s probably a good idea to align our toy-buying with what’s typically going on with 6-year-olds developmentally.

Here are just a few facts about 6-year-olds that we’ve gathered from the experts, and how we think those apply to toys:

– They still use fantasy and imagination, but in a more realistic way than younger children. So keep those dolls, action figures, costumes, and role-playing sets handy. (And by the way, you can visit our list of toys for 5-year-olds for options that are probably still entertaining for 6-year-olds.)

Most can catch a ball and skip easily, and their sense of balance is good. They also need about an hour of exercise a day. The possibilities for sports equipment, bicycles, scooters, and climbing toys are endless.

– They express themselves well, they’re developing a sense of humor, and they’re learning to read, which means they’ll love funny books and games.

– They’re interested in friendships and teamwork, which is great for toys that they can share with others.

– They want to be liked by their friends, so they’ll likely want the same toys other friends and classmates have. They’ll let you know which collectibles are in with their peer groups.

– They’re competitive, and they also still want to play with the family. Now is a great time to pick up some new board games and card games, in addition to video games.

– They’re becoming good problem solvers, just as school is getting more intense. Look for toys, games, and puzzles that will stimulate their brains and show them how much fun reading, science, and math can be.

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Here are some of the best toys for 6-year-olds you can buy now.

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