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Celebrity Moms & Dads Spill the True Meanings Behind Their Baby Names

When it comes to celebrity baby names, it’s the weirder the better, in my humble opinion. From O.G. weirdos like Moon Unit Zappa to the advent of Apple Martin all the way up to recent bizarro-name births such as Onyx, Dessert, and X Æ A-12, we say: Keep on bringing us the creative baby names, Hollywood! But perhaps even more entertaining than the name selections of the Hollywood (and Broadway, and reality-TV etc.) elite are the true tall tales behind those baby name choices — their real meanings, and their often really weird origin stories.

Sure, some celebs go the straightforward route and name their kids after a deceased family member or an esteemed artist the family loves. But some take decidedly more roundabout routes on the baby-name-selection highway. Can you guess which celeb admits to stealing their baby name outright? Which one sourced theirs from Twitter? Which fashion blogger plucked her daughter’s middle name from…Star Wars? Which actor says her son was dubbed after the song her partner cued up mid-childbirth, “as I was cuing him out of my vagina”? Which names (yes, multiple!) came to various celeb parents via dreams? Which star’s baby boy name was a message to the universe in hopes of turning 2020 around? Or how about which TV star’s wife insists the name was silently “whispered in her ear” by a strange spirit presence?! It just gets wackier and wackier folks, and we are so very here for it.

Over the past few months, SheKnows has spoken exclusively with the likes of Shay Mitchell, Hilaria Baldwin, Jason Biggs, Laura Prepon, Ellie Kemper and many more celebs we love in order to get — straight from the uber-talented horse’s mouth, if you will — the real stories of how they and their partners chose their baby names. We’ve got some real doozies ahead, so brace yourselves.

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