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Cute Ready-Made Baby Shower Favors You Can Order on Amazon

Whether you are hosting your own baby shower or a friend’s, you know the pressure of getting it right, and it may be a relief to know that Amazon baby shower favors are not going to let you down. Sure, everyone is excited about the impending bundle of joy no matter what the favors look like. But in this age of Pinterest-perfect crafts and decor, guests have come to expect your A game, especially when they’re forking over their money to give the new parents everything they need and want for their baby.

Some party hosts have the skills, time, and money to create beautiful personalized party favors for dozens of guests by hand, and they wind up looking like they’re straight from the pages of Martha Stewart. Others of us are, well, less blessed. Either we’re far too busy already to fill tiny jars with our own homemade jams, or if we did, we’d accidentally poison all the guests. Some of us have handwriting that makes handwritten “Thank You” labels look like threats. And some of us are better suited to planning hilarious games and cool playlists than wrapping hand-carved baby spoons in pink and blue ribbons. We all have to know our strengths, right?

That absolutely doesn’t mean that the baby shower you’re planning must be devoid of great, even customized baby shower favors. It just means that you need to know where to shop. You may be surprised to learn that Amazon has you covered, whatever your budget or party size. Many of the vendors are even capable of making the products look like you (or an artisan version of you) made them yourself.

There is one particular criteria we used when selecting baby shower favors from Amazon to list here for you. These are gifts that your guests will actually appreciate after the party is over. That means that your child-free friends aren’t forced to figure out what to do with a silver rattle, and your cousin with a bunch of sons won’t be coming home with pink “It’s a Girl” teddy bears. We chose bottle openers that don’t look like babies (that’s weird, people) and soaps that don’t scream “remember that baby shower” every time you take a bath. At the same time, these thoughtful little gifts will show guests that their presence at the party (IRL or virtual) was very much appreciated, whether or not they sprang for the fancy baby monitor from the registry or just bought a box of diapers and called it a day. We even included one very modern shower gift that we think you may start seeing at more parties in the months and years to come. See if you can spot it as you scroll on down.

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Here are the Amazon baby shower favors we know your guests will enjoy.

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