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What to Know About Childbirth, According to Celebrities

Just as no two babies are exactly alike, no two birth stories will be. Nevertheless, if you’re a first-time mom-to-be, it really does help to hear other mothers’ tales from the battlefield. You can get these from friends and family, from books and birth classes. Or you can get them from our favorite sources of TMI (just enough I): celebrity interviews and celebrity Instagram posts.

We get why moms like Jennifer Lopez, Ali Wong, Kristen Bell and Alicia Keys share the nitty gritty details of their birth stories. When you’ve had the most insane, life-changing experience that is both like going through war and having all your wishes granted at once, you want to tell people about it. And when you’ve been through that, you also want to ask other moms for their war stories. It’s an addictive art form.

For all the first time preggos out there, we do have to give you the caveat that reading the stories of famous mamas having babies will not help you create a step-by-step birth plan. It will, instead, serve as a warning that birth plans are mostly for suckers. You should try to have them, sure. But you should also be aware that so many unplanned things can and will happen. You might have a surprise home birth or an emergency C-section. Babies can come with scary health complications or with eyes wide open, wailing at the world.

With that said, we’ve distilled some of our favorite celebrity birth stories into words of advice for the uninitiated. And if you’ve already had a baby, you won’t be able to resist reading them anyway.

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