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Eva Longoria, Janet Jackson & More Celebrity Parents of Only Children

There is no universal definition of “family” — some people have multiple children while others have just one — and that’s also true for celebrities, including those who buck societal pressure by not providing a sibling for their child. Maybe some went through a divorce, experienced infertility, prioritized their career over having more children, experienced difficult pregnancies they’d rather not re-live, or simply didn’t feel the desire to expand their brood. And any and all reasons are perfectly valid.

And despite the assumptions that only children are over-indulged or socially awkward, research shows that single kids are not more “narcissistic” than those with siblings, many have strong relationships with their parents, and they may even be more social than their peers with siblings. Take that, stereotypes!

The following celebrities carved their own family paths — Salma Hayek is grateful that she gave birth to daughter Valentina in her 40s. “I feel that I’ve done enough things in life where I can appreciate the time I spend with her as my No. 1 priority and not feel I’m missing out on something…I feel I’m a lot more patient,” she once told People. “I wouldn’t trade this for anything in the world.” While Friends star Lisa Kudrow has said that her son is grateful to not share her attention. “[He] made it clear from the moment he could speak that he didn’t want a brother or sister… [and] it just worked out that way anyway — but to this day, he’ll say, ‘Thank you,’” she said in 2017.

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A version of this story was originally published in April 2020.

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