20 Times Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union Were #ParentGoals

Because it’s easy enough to see the evidence of all the bad parenting in the world (someone raised all those jerks in the news, after all), we feel the need to celebrate every time we see the opposite. With five kids between them, Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade have been supplying us with a lot of beautiful examples of how to be a loving mom, dad, stepmother or guardian.

Many of those moments have come in the last year. Wade’s second child, Zaya, came out as transgender, and her parents’ response was one of acceptance, fierce protectiveness, and minds open to learning. At the same time, Union’s first child Kaavia, born in late 2018, has been rapidly becoming a fiesty person of her own (hence her mom’s nickname for her, Shady Baby).

We can’t forget that Zaya and Kaavia are just two of the five children Wade calls his own. There’s first-born son Zaire, who is a rising basketball star at 18. Xavier Wade, 6, was born after Wade’s brief relationship with Aja Metoyer (he and Union were on a break), and though he lives with his mom, his dad is still a part of his life. Finally, Wade has custody of his sister’s son Dahveon Morris.

Was it Union and Wade’s plan all along to create their own basketball team with this blended family? We’re not sure. But we do know that based on these parenting quotes these are some very lucky kids.