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Viral Moments that Defined Parenthood in 2019

And just like that, another year is almost over. Another year of the joys and calamities of parenthood, whatever form that takes for you. We all have our own parenting highs — those significant, heartwarming or life-affirming moments that remind us what it’s all about and make the tough times worthwhile. Whether it’s finally getting the diagnosis that you or your child needs or witnessing your kid make a BFF after months of being sidelined at the playground, go ahead and celebrate those small victories.

But before we bid farewell to 2019, let’s remind ourselves of some of the other inspiring (and usually viral) parenting moments from the past 12 months — the ones that made an impact via pop culture, social awareness, or just great humor. Here are 10 of the year’s cutest, sweetest, funniest parenting moments, including a troll-fighting celebrity dad and a mom who put her kids at the very center of her cancer journey. Oh, and there’s a cheer dad from Virginia, because his moves are too good not to make the list.





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