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13 Christmas Crafts You & Your Kids Will Actually Enjoy Making

You guys. It’s upon us. The last two weeks of 2019! Are you crazed yet? If you celebrate Christmas, you may well be overloaded with traveling, shopping, cooking, and trying to finish all your work so that you can maybe — just maybe — relax on Christmas Day. (Yeah, we working moms over here don’t have a ton of hope for that, either.) But if you’re looking for something fun to do with your littles this holiday season or just hoping to find a way to pass yet another chilly snow day off from school (why are schools closed again?!) at home, these kid-friendly Christmas crafts are for you.

Do you need a few last-minute decorations and/or personalized gifts? Or were you just hoping to whip up some fun, new and creative Christmas snacks? Either way, you and your kids have come to the right place. Whether you’re throwing a party, making giftables for Aunt Suzy and Uncle Bob, or just want to while away a few winter-break hours, we’ve got you covered with these crafts. They’re fun, affordable and easy for even little fingers to accomplish. The best part? They won’t bore you — or test your patience. Oh, and there’s also no slime. (Seriously. What is it with kids and slime?)

So sit back, relax and get ready to entertain, engage and even educate your kids with these Christmas crafts.

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