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These Kid-Friendly Gift Wrap DIYs Will Make Gifts Shine

The holidays are upon us, and with them thick knit socks, hot cocoa in “’tis the season” mugs, pine trees draped in snow… long story short, it’s time to wrap gifts! That means gathering as a family to wrap while you watch holiday classics on the Hallmark channel or listen to Bing Crosby croon Christmas carols, right? LOL nope. In reality, wrapping presents (for parents, at least) usually winds up as a desperate adults-only event around midnight on Christmas Eve, when we have 18 rolls of wrapping paper with only two inches left on each roll. Cocoa becomes wine, paper cuts abound, and we run out of tape…after only the first present.

Plus, after we spend hours wrapping those gifts, they get torn through in mere seconds — and if you, too, look around at the wrapping paper carnage stuffed in trash bags and feel a twinge of environmental guilt at all that shiny, glittery paper that can’t be shoved in the fireplace, you’re not alone. There are some gift wrapping hacks to help minimize the damage, but it’s still pretty substantial.

Resist the urge to declare Christmas ruined and bah humbug your way outta there, though. Instead, it’s time to call in the troops: your kids. Because we’ve got some kid-friendly holiday wrapping tricks up our sleeves. These hacks allow even the most unartistic (and the most five-year-old) among us to DIY holiday wrapping and be proud of what sits under the tree.

From hand-stamped fabric to paper letters with little trinkets sewn in, surprise balls all ages will love, and color-blocked felt pockets to hide delicate treasures, ditch the yearly avalanche of wrapping paper rolls from your closet and get the whole family working on these gorgeous DIY holiday wrapping ideas.

A version of this story was originally published in November 2019.

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