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These Baby Shower Decorations Are the Perfect Combo Of Chic & Sweet


You know when you attend a baby shower (on Zoom or otherwise) and find yourself thinking, Holy crap, this is more elaborate than a wedding? Whether that means everything was DIY’d to perfection or purchased and artfully arranged, baby showers these days are no joke. From trying to find the perfect shower gift to leaving with an elaborate baby shower favor, baby showers are the new bachelorette party. Except with diapers. And less penises. And whether you’re pro or vehemently against them, chances are, you’ll wind up at a baby shower at some point in your life, and hell, you might even end up throwing a couple, depending on how much you love your sister (hi, sis!).

Don’t panic: Baby showers don’t have to have an over-the-top theme or a schedule of ridiculous games (does anyone actually enjoy trying to cut a piece of string to match the width of mom-to-be’s stomach?). Baby showers can be cool, not cheesy at all, and even (dare I say) fun?

If buying tulle in bulk and spending three weeks wrapping individual baby bottles filled with blue or pink M&M’s isn’t your bag, don’t fret, ain’t nobody got time for that. Instead, we’ve rounded up the best cute and chic (but not sickly sweet) baby shower decor you can buy for a classy, gorgeous baby shower — no tulle in sight. Let us show you the way to completely cringe-free baby shower decor, ahead.

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