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12 Podcasts You AND Your Kids Will Love

Once upon a time, parents and kids could just argue about what radio station to tune into in the car. Now, in the age of streaming, there’s no shortage of options to choose from (and fight about). If you’re sick of Baby Shark and Billie Eilish, podcasts can be a great alternative — one that keeps everyone entertained. And, since the dawn of streaming has also coincided with smart homes and Bluetooth speakers, you can even cue up those podcasts to become soundtracks for cooking, chores, and more.

But, just like kids music, kids podcasts can trend into the gratingly peppy category. And as much as you may want to use your drive time to keep up on your true-crime podcasts, unsolved murders aren’t exactly great for all ages. Thankfully, in the golden age of podcasting, there’s plenty to choose from that fall in between “sickly sweet” and “grisly violence.” Here are 12 of our favorites.

And a note on picking out age-appropriate podcasts generally: Series that started out as radio shows typically will follow FCC rules around cursing and “obscene” content. Podcasts that are only distributed online, on the other hand, don’t fall under the FCC and its content guidelines. Podcast providers like Apple have parental advisory warnings, yes, but not all podcasts without parental warnings will be appropriate for all ages. In general, if you are unsure about a podcast, it’s best to listen to it on your own (at least first). You know your child and family best.

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