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Sweet Printable Grandparent’s Day Cards Kids Will Love to Make

Grandparents are the literal best. They babysit when no one else will, they give your kids candy when you specifically tell them not to, and your kids probably like them better than you. Can you blame them? As far as old people go, your kids’ grandparents are the reigning royalty of awesome. Sure, they criticize your parenting skills and think your kids are never eating enough, but they love you unconditionally, and hey; you learned your parenting skills from them, so they’re ones to talk. They also tolerate your kids’ crazy nicknames for them and think even the bizarre is endearing and adorable. (My son calls my mom Gammy Num Nums after one of Dana Carvey’s characters in The Master of Disguise. Yup. Gammy Num Nums.)

There is nothing more pure and amazing than a parent’s love for their child… except maybe a grandparent’s love for their grandkids. The least they deserve is a crayon-scribbled card and a slobbery kiss on Grandparents’ Day (that’s the first Sunday after Labor Day for those not in the know). And what a better way to show them some love than with these adorable printable Grandparents Day cards? Your kiddos can cut, collage, and color their hearts out to make these customizable cards ones the grandparents will most likely keep on the fridge until the end of time. (Seriously, they’ll frame these and bring them up at your toddler’s wedding.)

Grandparents’ Day is a special day to celebrate those old folks in your life who think your tot’s macaroni necklaces are masterpieces. So print out a few of these bad boys, pick some flowers, and call it a day.

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