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These 7 Items Will Help Your Child Be the Stylish MVP at School This Fall

Among kids back-to-school season can get a bad rap — after all, summer is a hard act to follow — but it’s an undeserved one. Really, it’s an exciting period for both parents and their children. It’s not only a time for kids to think about whether they want to play soccer, take dance classes, or join the school band (hey, nobody said they can’t do all three), but it’s also a time to meet new people, set goals for the school year and experiment with the person they are becoming. 

As a parent, you can help your kids inch toward their future selves by sending them back to school with a few stylish pieces and supplies that deserve an A+. After their summer growth spurt they’ll likely need all the basics,  but you’ll also want to help them find a few things that make them feel cool, stylish and thoroughly themselves. Whether they are tops, bottoms, one-pieces and sneakers that are comfortable and will stand out in the kid-filled hallways, these are the pieces that will level-up their style game in the classroom this fall. Ahead, here are seven items that do just that.

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