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15 Back-to-School Clothing Items That Won’t Break the Dress Code

A new school year brings with it exciting learning opportunities and memorable moments with friends new and old that’ll last a lifetime. But for parents, the back-to-school rush brings with it a long to-do list that undoubtedly includes everyone’s favorite task: shopping for back-to-school clothes.

It’s not just the lines and the dressing room meltdowns that make shopping for back-to-school clothes such a chore; many schools that don’t require uniforms — whether your kid’s entering pre-K or high school — do enact relatively strict dress codes. If you don’t have your handbook in front of you, don’t panic. While each institution may have slightly different rules, most adhere to similar standards, especially when it comes to clothing length, tightness and design.

For instance, most schools will follow the fingertip rule for skirts and shorts (meaning they must meet or be longer than a child’s fingertips when he or she holds her arms straight down against her torso and legs), while pants must fit snuggly around a child’s waist. All tops and outerwear must also adequately cover a child’s chest and stomach (i.e., no low-cut tops, no midriff, and no excessively low armholes) and can’t boast any vulgar or graphic imagery portraying violence, drugs, alcohol, swearing or lewd acts. Some schools also advise against strapless tops and require all shirt straps are at least two inches wide. The increased popularity of athleisure also poses a problem for some school officials. To play it safe, kids should wear longer shirts, dresses, or sweaters over tights and leggings.

Overwhelmed? It’s okay. Just remember that all clothes should be age-appropriate, shouldn’t fit too tightly or loosely, and shouldn’t show excessive amounts of skin.

Of course, these rules don’t mean that back-to-school clothes have to be boring by any means — or that back-to-school shopping has to be a nightmarish activity. In fact, thanks to online retailers like Amazon, you may never have to leave the comfort of your couch to fill your kids’ wardrobe. And, with dozens of brands and styles, Amazon makes it easy to find something for every personality at every budget.

Ahead, we’ve gathered a sampling of back-to-school clothing items from Amazon that are stylish, affordable, and guaranteed to meet school dress codes. So, go ahead and kick your feet up while you browse. After all, back-to-school shopping has never been easier.

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