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9 Unique School Supplies You Won’t Find at Your Local Office Supply Store

Ask just about any kid, and they’ll tell you that school supplies aren’t just a random assortment of items intended to help them with homework. School supplies are a very important mode of self-expression that can show off their unique personalities while helping them stand out from the homeroom crowd.

The right pencil doesn’t just write — it looks cool, feels comfortable and maybe even inspires a few appreciative glances from their classroom crush. A notebook isn’t just a place to jot down notes — it’s a handheld billboard that can broadcast your kid’s interests. And don’t even get us started on erasers. Who knew something so functional could convey so much?

This year, think twice before knocking out that back-to-school shopping list with generic yellow pencils and pink erasers at the big box store. Instead, invite your kid to get involved with choosing distinctive school supplies that’ll help them shine in the classroom. We guarantee they’ll be counting down the days until they can board the school bus and be back among their peers, showing off their sweet, sweet gear.

We’ve rounded up nine of our favorite back-to-school products that you won’t find at your local office supply store. Start your shopping now, and your kid will be classroom-ready in no time.

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