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A Summer Reading List for Kids of All Ages

School is out for the summer and your kid is understandably stoked — after all, who doesn’t have fond memories of the last day of school? Summer is for playing outside with friends until dark, campouts, beach days, and all other sorts of fun activities. But if you’re hoping that your child will do some reading this summer, you’re in luck because there’s no shortage of books that make reading enjoyable — even for the most reluctant, skeptical children. Our summer reading list for kids of all ages includes both fiction and non-fiction and a range of genres, so your child is sure to find something that strikes their fancy.

An added bonus? If you want to read along with your kid, we can assure you that every book on this list is equally enjoyable for adults — and a few of them are classics that you may have read yourself as a child, so get ready to experience some serious nostalgia if you choose one of your old favorites.

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