These Quotes About Motherhood From Our Favorite Celebrity Moms Are Spot-On

It can be so tempting to think celebs have it easy on all fronts. Yeah sure, of course motherhood is fun and beautiful when you can afford ALL the nannies and baby classes and the best organic kid food etc. etc. But when you think about it, all moms are really facing so much of the same shit: Sleepless nights, school shooting drills, mom-shaming on and off social media, and that true mom brand of worries about never quite measuring up and being the best parent we can be. Surprise! When it comes to shame, fear, and anxiety, celebs really are just like us! But famous moms don’t just have enviable celeb-resources; plenty of them also have hella wisdom and life experiences to pass along. (You know, just like all of us regular-Jane moms do, too.) So to celebrate Mother’s Day and all of us moms just out here trying to do our damndest to keep our kids alive and make them feel loved, we rounded up eight powerful celeb mom quotes about motherhood that we can all use.