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Kidstrology: Your Parenting Horoscope for March

This March, we have a big event happening; Uranus is moving to Taurus. What, you haven’t been waiting for this monolithic moment with bated breath? It only happens once every 84 years, after all! Oh well: Regardless of your anticipation or lack thereof, big changes are a-comin for your whole family, according to your parenting horoscope this month.

“For young children, a ‘no-no’ period can start,” Kabbalistic astrologer Rachel Schwartz tells SheKnows. “For older children, [expect] rebellion and extra stubbornness.” Also expect some communication mishaps — and screens that won’t cooperate — due to Mercury retrograding for the first time this year in Pisces. The spring equinox will bring the hope and fresh new energies, so say buh-bye to those winter blues.

“Earth and water kids are going to be pushed to change in a more easy way, while the fire and air kids might demonstrate more rebellious and stubborn qualities,” Schwartz tells SheKnows. Mercury retrograde is a great time to reflect while communicating, though, so maybe try extra hard to turn some of your kids’ screen time into IRL face time, okay?

Read on to see what else the stars have in store for you and your kiddos this month.

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